How to Make a Vision Board That Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collection of goals and desires in one place, in the form of a collage. This poster is necessary to visualize your desires and attract their fulfillment into your life. You can create a board as a poster with photos glued to it, or make an online vision board.

In this article, we will explore different ways to create a vision board and how to compose it correctly for it to work. We will also discuss what not to do when creating a collage and see real people’s reviews about vision boards and the dreams that came true.

How to Make a Vision Board That Works

A vision board is a kind of beacon. It is needed to highlight and specify your desires from the vast array of goals and concentrate on the most important ones for you. With a vision board, you will always know exactly what you want the most.

How to Make a Vision Board That Works: A Step-by-Step Guide | Mindful Pathways

There are many approaches to creating a board. This includes the Feng Shui vision board (where images are placed in specific sectors, each sector corresponding to different life areas), creating a board based on the lunar phase, placing your selfies on the poster, and so on.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which method you choose. If you believe in Feng Shui, go for the sectors, or apply any other method. The main thing is to decide on your desires and place their images on the board.

I want to emphasize the importance of images of your desires. Pay special attention to this, as what you place on the board can come true exactly as pictured. There are many such cases. The desire should be as specific and clear as possible, and personally understandable to you. For example, if you want an apartment, you can place photos of the desired layout, the residential complex, and pictures of different rooms’ interiors on the board.

If you want a car, then place an image of the desired model in the right color, photos of the interior, hands driving that particular car, and so on. You can add text to each photo describing the desire, preferably in the present tense or without a time frame. The more details, the better.

Vision boards don’t necessarily have to be visible to others; the main thing is that you have constant access to them personally. You can create it in a notebook, on your phone, or store it on your computer.

Vision boards work, and desires come true. To expedite the fulfillment of your desires, you need to look at the board every day. It should be like your guiding star. While looking at the board, you should feel immense joy and imagine that everything you’ve wished for is already yours. You need to visualize your goal, picture it in every detail, rejoice, experience positive emotions, and feel gratitude for the wish being fulfilled.

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Seemingly, it might be easy—dreaming about your desires. However, in practice, many people struggle to develop a habit of daily focusing on their dreams and thinking about them positively. Typically, they visualize once or twice, then abandon it. The key is to visualize every day until the desire comes true.

One common mistake with vision boards is looking at the board and feeling negativity or anxiety because your wishes haven’t come true yet. This should be avoided; it definitely won’t bring your dream closer. Working with the board should evoke positive, uplifting emotions.

How to create a vision board – making a dream poster

The traditional way of creating a vision board is through a poster. Take drawing paper and glue photos of your desires onto it. You can take photos from magazines or the Internet. It’s not necessary to make a large poster; you can create a notebook of desires, paste photos into it, or make a small poster on A4 paper. The main thing is that you can see and understand everything on the board personally. Whether to make the board according to Feng Shui or on a lunar day is up to you; if you believe in it, go ahead.

How to Create a Vision Board Online

Virtual Vision Board on Your Phone

The simplest method. Create a separate folder on your phone and save photos or screenshots of your desires there. Check and view the images in the folder every day, visualizing their fulfillment.

Pinterest Vision Board

A very user-friendly and cool service where you can immediately find photos of your desires. Log into your Pinterest account, go to the “Boards” section, and click on the plus sign to “Create Board.” Create and name the board, and you can make it private. The template for the vision board is ready. All that’s left is to fill it. Search for desired images on Pinterest and add them to your board; you can also add other photos through the “Create Pin” button.

You can rearrange and group images on the board as you like. A nice bonus is that Pinterest has a mobile app, so the board will always be at your fingertips, and you can view it on your phone at any time.

An example of a vision board on Pinterest is in the photo below.

Pinterest vision board example | Mindful Pathways

Vision Board and Collage-Making Services

There are numerous websites where you can create collages from photos or even specifically design vision boards online. They are easy to find; just type “collage online” into the search engine and follow the links.

On these websites, you can choose from a variety of templates, upload photos, and download the collage to your phone or computer. You can set the obtained collage as your wallpaper so that it is always in front of your eyes.

Example of a board for one desire created using an online collage service.

vision board idea | How to make a vision board that works

Photoshop Vision Board

This method is for confident users of Adobe programs. In Photoshop, you can create a collage of any shape and size, download and store it online, or print it in high quality at a printing house.

The internet is full of stories from people whose significant desires from their vision boards have come true. These are individuals of various ages and social statuses. Many people share their experiences of fulfilling their wishes on social media. Take a look; perhaps it will inspire you to create a vision board for yourself sooner. Believe, and everything will come true. Good luck 🙂

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